I’ll help you discover how small bite size changes can make healthy living fun AND fit into your busy schedule!

I’ll help you discover how small bite size changes can make healthy living fun AND fit into your busy schedule!


How Can I Help You

What motivates each one of us is an individual preference.

Some need in-person, one-on-one coaching. Others prefer a group setting, feeding off the energy of other like minded individuals. 

And of course, those who live in another city or country, or have an unpredictable schedule prefer online virtual coaching.

No matter what your preference, having a coach to guide and mentor you, and being that much-needed accountability partner is important to achieving the success you desire. Empowering you to feel positive about your life, relationships, career and health, no matter where you live.

"If You're Feeling Stuck, Unfulfilled, Or Unsure Of Your Purpose In Life"

You can explore your dreams, goals, passions, and strengths to discover what truly matters to you.

Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to set and work towards achievable goals. 

You’ll have access to a range of tools and strategies, including activities, mindset practices, and goal-setting techniques, to help you overcome any obstacles or challenges that may be holding you back.

As your coach

I Can Help You If You're

If you're ready to start living a more fulfilling life, my health and life coaching methods can be a powerful combination with amazing results.
Stop putting off what you want and need and take control of your health, happiness, and life.

Angela V Wellness

Personal Coaching

Personalized approach to coaching that involves working with an individual client on a one-to-one basis. This type of coaching can be particularly beneficial for those seeking a more personalized and tailored approach, who are looking for more direct, individualized coaching. 

We’ll focus on your individual goals, challenges, values, and vision, and develop a personalized plan that helps you move forward with purpose and direction. We will delve into your current fitness level,  strengths, values, and passions, and explore new opportunities and possibilities that align with your lifestyle.

Group Workshops

My coaching workshops are held at different times throughout the year. It gives my clients the opportunity to try different seasonal activities in group settings in spring, summer, winter, and fall.  

It allows you to be part of a supportive, judgement free. group environment. We encourage and inspire each other, and share similar health and wellness goals. Together, we’ll participate in activities and challenges that push your limits in a safe and healthy group setting. 

You’ll love how creative and fun all the different outdoor activities are – whether it’s sun, rain, and yes, even snow!

Angela V Wellness Group Coaching
Angela V Wellness

Motivational Tools

Getting creative with your health, activities, and life, to successfully achieve your wellness goals is key.

Sure, activity is a big part of my coaching method. But I also provide valuable motivational tools that will encourage, inspire, and drive you. 

It’s recognizing your current habits and implementing, small manageable changes for long term results. 

Your health and wellness aren’t just determined by your physical strength, size, and endurance. But it’s also about having a healthy, positive mindset. And that’s exactly what I, along with my motivational tools will help you with!

Frequently Asked Questions

As a health coach, my role is to provide personalized guidance and support to my clients on their journey to improve their overall health and well-being. I help clients set realistic goals, develop action plans, and make positive changes in areas such as nutrition, exercise, time and stress management, and create a healthier lifestyle.

Unlike other forms of coaching, such as life coaching or career coaching, health coaching focuses specifically on addressing health-related aspects of a person’s life. While I am also a life coach, my primary focus is to help clients optimize their health and wellness. I find that health is often the base and overall life satisfaction is also then vastly improved in all other areas. 

When you work with me as your health coach, you can expect personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs and goals. I will listen to your concerns, help you identify areas for improvement, and provide ongoing support and accountability. Together, we will develop strategies to overcome obstacles, learn about healthy habits, and create sustainable lifestyle changes.

It’s important to find a qualified health coach who has received proper training and certification. I completed my training with the Health Coach Institute, which is a six month program and is rapidly redefining the health coaching industry. The program is based on cutting edge brain science, psychology and the founders’ experiences with thousands of clients. Fun fact: you don’t have to be certified or have to take any training to practice health or life coaching in Canada. I felt a strong need to fully understand coaching before I started practicing myself, and I will continue my education long term. I’ve also completed a year-long leadership course, where the focus was on Building Sustaining Relationships, Critical Thinking Skills, Inspirational Leadership, and Building a Cohesive Team. 

I have a few options available. The most comprehensive, and the one where you will have the biggest impact in your life, is the 90 Day. I also offer one-time sessions, as well as I can design a group program. Please check out my Services page for my current offerings, and if you’re not finding what you’re looking for I’d love to have a conversation to see if we can tailor a program for your unique needs. 

The cost of health coaching can vary depending on factors such as my experience, qualifications, and the length of the program we design together. I offer different packages with various options to meet your needs and budget. Please see my Services page for more details on this. If needed, there is a payment plan available for the 90 Day (please call to discuss). 

While health coaching may involve an upfront investment, it can potentially save you money in the long run. By proactively managing your health and adopting preventive measures, you may reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions or encountering health-related complications. (One of my 90 Day clients saved over $500 alone just by not buying wine! This kept the money in her account, not to mention her energy levels were higher than they had been in years.

Yes, absolutely! We can do remote health coaching sessions through video or phone calls. This allows for convenient and flexible access to my coaching services, regardless of your location or schedule. While I absolutely love hosting my clients in person (especially in an outdoor setting) that’s not always feasible so we can also “meet” online, too.