I’ll help you discover how small bite size changes can make healthy living fun AND fit into your busy schedule!

I’ll help you discover how small bite size changes can make healthy living fun AND fit into your busy schedule!

Hey there!

I’m Angela

Angela van Leewen Meditating on a rock overlooking a mountain landscape

I’m a certified health and life coach, wife, mom, and outdoor lover who’s passionate about being active. Not in the “gym rat” kind of way – but doing fun, everyday activities that I’ve never considered “Exercise” or “Workouts”. 

That’s the secret!…  To find activities you enjoy, that fit into your own lifestyle and busy schedule that can be maintained over time!

But health and wellness isn’t just our physical health. It encompasses our overall health and wellness, including our mindset and emotional health. 

My process is to help you implement realist, sustainable healthy habits, empowered eating, and simple activities that you can fit into your life.


A desire to make a difference

Why I Chose Health and Life Coaching?

I believe that our health affects our life… and our life affects our health. They’re intertwined. And if one area is deteriorating, the other suffers as well.

When we have balance in both areas, our overall wellness and quality of life benefits greatly!

That’s a big reason why I live with my husband and two teenagers on a beautiful acreage west of Edmonton, Alberta. That was non-negotiable for me. I needed to be surrounded by an abundance of land, nature, and wildlife. 

Growing up on a farm likely had something to do with that! 

Farming is hard work, so we all pitched in. There was no sitting around for us. That meant spending a lot of my time helping my dad with the cattle, fencing, and being out in the fields.

And it’s no surprise that my free time was also spent outside. I put my creativity to use, building cool forts in the hay bales. Whether it was hiking, swimming, hopping on an ATV or one of our horses, I kept busy doing anything that would allow me to be outside…  even in the winter. 

What’s interesting, is that they were all just natural, fun activities that I never considered to be “exercise” or “workouts”. 

My clients have told me, that that’s what makes me different – and so effective. I make a point of incorporating the outdoors in my coaching sessions. And I encourage my clients to do the same at home. 

To find something they enjoy, that fits into their life.  

Angela V Wellness About
My mission...

I believe that true wellness goes beyond just physical health.

My mission is to guide you in finding your purpose, and bringing meaning and fulfillment to your life.

As a Health and Life Coach, my goal is to help you achieve holistic well-being. 

By exploring your passions, values, and strengths, I’ll empower you to align your actions with your purpose. Together, we can create a joyful and intentional life that brings you deep gratification and happiness. 

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How it works

My coaching process typically begins with an initial consultation to assess your individual needs and goals. I then create a plan of action so you can work towards building a healthy, sustainable plan to create a fulfilling, balanced, and healthy, meaningful lifestyle – emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Initial Consultation

We’ll start with an initial
consultation to discuss your
goals, challenges, and aspirations. Together we’ll determine how coaching
can support you on your journey.


Coaching Plan & Session

We’ll meet regularly for
coaching sessions, either in
person or online, to work through
the steps outlined in your
coaching plan.


Support & Accountability

Between coaching sessions, I will
provide support and
accountability to help you stay on
track and make progress towards
your goals.

Angela V Wellness
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